Empower Fitness is an all-encompassing health & fitness club. Providing small group personal training & one on one personal training. Our group training sessions are designed to engage every muscle group through-out a 5 day training period, focusing on building a women's Physique using techniques for a toner tighter body. Not only do we focus on the body but the mind as well, every month you will sit down with a trainer to go over your goals & stats. Nutritional guidance is huge part of a healthy training program, accountability is key your to your success! Your not just joining a club but a community of vibrant women, committed to inspiring and empowering each other in all aspects of health and wellness. Whether you want to feel stronger and centered in a  group training session, rock out in a fun high energy class or just work one on one with a Personal Trainer, there’s something in our club for YOU. Take that first step for yourself and join today with a FREE 3 DAY PASS.

We offer FREE KIDS Corer


Monday        5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Tuesday        5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Wednesday  5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Thursday      5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Friday            5AM–11AM, 5- 6:00PM

Saturday       8AM–11AM