Empower kids class 

  • From dance to PiYo, games to just plain out getting your child moving this upbeat, fun class is designed to empower kids  

  • Your child will love this class as we learn different life skills such as 


Safety tips & Stranger danger 

  •  learn and discuss the basics of stranger danger

  • Learn  basic holds, trigger-points, and cues to get out of sticky situations



  • Exercises that challenge your child’s level of coordination and their ability to push out of their own comfort zone 

  • Self-discipline & Respect 

  • Follow through with tasks

  • Receive and give respect to others  


Healthy Food - Learn the basics 

  • Nutritional label reading

  • Protein, carbohydrates, fats


Body Awareness - Learn the basic of anatom

  • Basic muscle groups

  • Function of the heart and lungs

1st to 6th


at 3:30 pm

Empower Kids


Monday        5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Tuesday        5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Wednesday  5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Thursday      5AM–11AM, 4–7:30PM

Friday            5AM–11AM, 5- 6:00PM

Saturday       8AM–11AM